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John Le is an Illustrator who seeks to provide entertainment and humor as a relief from the difficulties of life.

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About Me

John was born in Colorado and attended the University of Colorado Denver with a B.F.A in Illustration. He has been drawing since his youth, ever since he saw his first cartoons, comics, and video games. A young John often doodled his heroes on sheets of old newspapers. Born into a poor Vietnamese immigrant family, every old VHS or DVD was valuable. Even if they had to re-watch the same old shows over and over again, a small sense of togetherness helped them feel home. Those small moments will forever be treasures, pasted in the album of his heart. He has always wanted to pay tribute to the artist of his childhood. John is passionate about nurturing hopes, dreams, and memories. His art seeks to use the past to create hopes and dreams for the future. His favorite medium is digital art, and he likes the challenges of recreating traditional styles with digital tools.


As a Colorado native John enjoys the simple things in life. When John is not creating or dusting off some old media, he can be found in his garden underneath the family plum tree as the spring breeze sees him off.


University of Colorado Denver

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Illustration Emphasis

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